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The only difference between Twangwolf and Mark Knopfler’s studio is that Mark doesn’t have a broken computer lying outside in the rain.

Ewan Vernal
bass player Mark Knopfler and Jaydees

We zijn nog nooit in een studio geweest waar onze strijkers maar  met twee microfoons werden opgenomen en het precies klonk zoals je zou willen, als oude filmmuziek.

Dutch String Collective

Twangwolf is the Muscle Shoals of the Netherlands.

JP Hoekstra
Session guitarist

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Since our foundation back in 2010, we’ve been recording musical artists and helping them reach the top of the charts. Check out the array of musicians we’ve worked with and enjoy some of the tracks we’ve recorded together. You can make your dreams come true just like them. All you have to do is get in touch and reserve your studio session!

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