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At Recording Studio De Kerk we pride ourselves in the use of high-class analog gear. The control area houses a legendary MCI console, a Telefunken 24 track tape machine and an original EMT plate reverb. We have a vast microphone collection and we go to great lengths to ensure perfect microphone-choice and placement for each instrument in every situation. Our old-school approach results in a focus on live-in-the-room recording, minimal miking and upfront decision making.

At Recording Studio De Kerk we combine the sound of classic analog gear with state of the art digital to ensure a seamless process that is both great sounding, fast and reliable.


The studio houses a variety of instruments including a Bluthner upright piano, a Premier sixties drumkit, a Fender Rhodes Mark 1, a Hammond with Leslie and so on.

For bands that travel we also provide room and board!


Price: 400 EU per 8-hours day. Starting at 10 AM - 18 PM

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